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About Us



A supplemental, yet high quality program that addresses the individual needs of the student.

A partnering program that provides parents with transparency and understanding of the student’s academic performance.

Our VISION is to engage students through a specially designed program that produces a well-rounded student who will achieve more. Our program takes place in a welcoming environment and by partnering with parents, schools and community will create a team to ensure success for each student.

At OakLearning we VALUE and encourage both our team and the students to…

Embrace Challenges: Why? A passion for what you do and the ability to genuinely enjoy your work and embrace it as a positive aspect of your life. In the long term, the only thing that can consistently deliver both are a process of continued challenge and learning. Why do we enjoy game, music and art? We enjoy them because they’re challenging, and as we learn and improve, we apply that knowledge to move continuously forward – our reward is progress – and that progress gives a sense of pleasure or achievement.

Improve Continuously: Why? Whether the child is below grade level or above there is always an area for improvement and the ability to recognize and work towards this helps to develop a humble and well-rounded child.

Stay Connected: Why? Without a connection with parents, with children who attend the program, with what’s happening in our own community, or with our fellow team members we won’t be able to improve our ability to identify areas for ongoing improvement to stay current.