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Grade 1-3

French Beginner

This course is designed for students in Grades 3-6 (core French students, or newcomers) who are keen on learning the second official language of Canada – French. This course will introduce students to the basic underpinnings of French so that they are able to excel in their French acquisition. Additionally, this course will help to supplement French content encountered within the school system.

Course Aims

Developing French vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, grammar and speaking skills

Developing a strong understanding of language structure

Engaging in short conversations and descriptive speech

Examining French culture within Canada and worldwide

Additional Information
Withdrawal/refund requests is accepted up to the start time of the third class of the program. The credit balance of unattended course fee will be refunded less $25 administration fee. Refund will be made by cheque or to the same credit card of payment. After the third class of course, no refund request will be accepted.
No refund or make-up class can be arranged for missing classes.

Oaklearning Center-Oakville, Room C 09/14 – 12/14 Th05:30 PM – 06:30 PM 0 - &up $320.00

Public Speaking – Let’s Talk

This course, aimed at students in Grades 2-3, is designed to help students develop their oral communication skills. The power of words and the presentation of those words cannot be underestimated, in fact, “oral communication” is one of the four strands of language arts on the Ontario Report Card.

Using a wide variety of activities and games, students will learn:

Speak with confidence and ease in several situations

Students will be taught how to write prepared speeches including research skills, correct speech format and language usage.

We will pay close attention to language usage including correct grammar and word choice which will help students improve their oral language

We will use our small group setting to help students develop their confidence and build up their speaking skills

We will also work at developing students listening skills. Through the development of these skills, students will learn how to respond appropriately to a variety of academic and social situations.

During our last class parents will be invited to come and listen to our students as they present one of the pieces they will have written in class.

Oaklearning Center-Oakville, Room C 09/13 – 12/13 We06:30 PM – 07:30 PM 0 - &up $320.00 2-3


Read • Write • Explore gives students the opportunity to practice key reading and writing skills which will help them excel in learning. Using rich mentor texts, our program helps ensure that children are introduced to fundamental literacy skills as they move through the stages of reading and writing on the way to becoming more independent learners.

Using a variety of rich picture books, students enrolled in our reading and writing program will:

read and retell familiar stories

develop core reading strategies including re-reading, predicting, questioning, and contextualizing to ensure strong comprehension

develop oral reading skills

identify an increasing number of words by sight to help with reading and writing activities

use letter-sound associations, word parts, and contexts to identify new words

develop basic writing skills

Oaklearning Center-Oakville, TBD 09/13 – 12/13 We05:30 PM – 06:30 PM 0 - &up $320.00 1-3

Visual Art

This class in an introductory level class for students who are beginning to explore their creativity or are looking to deepen their creative knowledge. During each lesson, the students will be focusing on one or more of the below concepts:

Mediums - Water colour, Acrylic, Oil Pastels, Chalk and Charcoal etc

Art History – famous artists and movements (Lesson ex. Painting Van Gogh’s Sunflowers)

Techniques – Ex. Blending, Pointillism, Score and Slip, Printmaking, Rubbing, Batik

Each of these explorations will be taught in a learn from example format. The students will follow along with the instructor in creating an art work. This way each student will receive the individual attention needed at each stage of the creative process.  Through this style of teaching the students get a guided exploration of mediums for their first experiences with art!    Let’s think outside the box and get creative!

Oaklearning Center-Oakville, Room B 09/16 – 12/09 Sa01:30 PM – 03:00 PM 6 - &up $450.00