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Grade 9-10

Essay Writing ⅠⅠ

In high school, writing is an essential skill that is required in all subjects. All students will require writing skills not only during school years but also in university and on. Regardless of what subject students eventually choose to study, everything they do will involve writing in some way.  This course aims to aid students in developing and expanding necessary formal writing skills.  We will work on developing structure, transitional phrases, and effective ways of communicating arguments.  Through practice our goal is that students will have the necessary tools to construct an essay on any given topic. Students in grade 9 and 10 have the opportunity to build on their existing skills and refine their essay writing ability.

The goal for Essay Writing program is to continue to develop their own writing style within the required formal framework. In this course, students will learn and practice writing different kinds of essays including academic, persuasive, opinion based. Students will begin by writing well structured expository paragraphs and developing full essays from there. Students work with topics provided and topics of their choice based on a theme. Students will also learn additional research strategies and how to formally site their sources. They will learn to develop arguments and include all major elements of a formal essay (introduction, point/proof/comment, and conclusion).  They will also work to improve their diction and sentence structure.

This course will teach you:

How to write a wide range of essays with formal structure

How to conduct effective research

How to properly structure your essay and how to outline your arguments for the reader

The formal writing process including pre-writing, drafting, writing, and editing

How to write a strong and convincing thesis statement

Proper citation styles for academic essay writing

How to revise your essay to ensure minimal errors before submission

Oaklearning Center-Oakville, TBD 09/11 – 12/18 Mo06:00 PM – 07:30 PM 0 - &up $525.00

French Intermediate

This course is designed for students in Grades 7-9 (core and/or immersion) who are looking to enrich their existing knowledge on the French language. We will spend a substantial amount of time on grammar, speaking and overall comprehension. Additionally, this course will help to supplement French content encountered within the school system.

Course Aims

Augmenting French vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, grammar and speaking skills

Engaging in lengthy conversations, speeches, creative presentations and interviews

Examining case studies of French culture within specific parts of the world

Oaklearning Center-Oakville, Room C 09/14 – 12/14 Th06:30 PM – 08:00 PM 0 - &up $525.00

Public Speaking ⅠⅠ

This public speaking course is designed to help students develop their oral communication skills. Oral Communication is one of the four strands of the Ontario Language Curriculum.

Students will explore public speaking through a variety of activities including games, speaking exercises and presenting in front of their peers. Students will learn to speak with confidence and ease in a number of situations. Students will learn and practice speaking in both a formal and informal setting including preparing speaking points and talking with limited preparation. We will briefly touch on research skills to support the writing of formal speeches.

Using a wide variety of activities and games, students will learn:

To speak with confidence and ease in a variety of situations.

We will review the proper format of a speech and outline how to properly research and write for formal and informal situations

We will develop strategies that help students cope with nervousness or stress around public speaking and build their language skills

We will use our small group setting to help students develop their confidence and build up their speaking skills.

We will also work at developing students listening skills. Through the development of these skills, students will learn how to respond appropriately to a variety of academic and social situations.

Oaklearning Center-Oakville, Room A 09/13 – 12/13 We05:30 PM – 07:00 PM 0 - &up $525.00 7-12

Study Skills Learning

Students will gain the knowledge of optimal study skills by a variety of in-class activities. It is never too late to learn!

This course is designed to help students improve in a variety of areas, including: listening; speaking; reading; writing; note-taking; studying for tests; critical thinking; time management; memorization techniques; and goal-setting.

On completion of this course the student will be able to:

Identify the values to be gained from developing effective study skills

Identify his/her personal learning styles and effectively use strategies to support his/her learning

Apply strategies to effectively manage time to complete projects, meet deadlines and priorities

Utilize reading strategies to increase comprehension and reading efficiency

Utilize an effective note-taking format

Apply effective memory strategies to support effective learning performance

Identify strategies that develop and support test-taking skills

Oaklearning Center-Oakville, Room A 10/14 – 12/02 Sa03:00 PM – 05:00 PM 0 - &up $425.00 7-12