Meet Our Teachers

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Meet Our Teachers


Akita Cachia Costa
Visual Art Instructor

Akita is a graduate of the Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan College along with Art Fundamentals and Visual and Creative Arts. Her primary interests lie in surface, graphic and package design, as well as children's narrative illustration, all with a zany visceral flare. Not only does her passion for art show in her spectacular creations, but she is equally as passionate about ensuring each and everyone around her pursues their own creative passion! Her passionate and spunky personality transcends into each of her lessons. Akita believes that each individual student should challenge their own creative mindset, push their creativity, and embrace their own unique flare (whatever that passion may be). She ensures that each of  her students experiments to find their own passions and develop and build on those skills from there. She prides herself in fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere for her students to develop their own artistic creations! Akita looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion for the arts with the new students in the Fall!

Sonia Bhushan
Academic Tutor/Program Teacher

Ms. Sonia Bhushan has worked in both private and public schools  within the GTA, working with a diverse range of students including underprivileged youth around the world! A passionate and educated teacher with a love for her profession, Sonia is an Ontario Certified Teacher qualified to work with students from Kindergarten through to Grade 8.  Dedicated to the teaching profession, she has also earned additional qualification in Special Education and English as a Second Language (ESL).

She is currently employed with the Peel District School Board and is also an academic tutor at OakLearning during evenings and weekends.  Sonia looks forward to helping students achieve more academically!

Morgan Aue
Art Instructor

Morgan Aue is an emerging Toronto artist who graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has demonstrated her passion through several art galleries including Black Cat Art Gallery, Eleanor Winters Art Gallery and the Gales Art Gallery. Morgan combines her passion for art and art history with her love of children.  She likes to work with each individual students to find their passions and foster creative growth within each student. Since g graduating from York University, she has co-founded an art school in Richmond Hill and has worked with other after-school arts programs in Oakville. Each one of her classes provides student with a creative outlet to discover their own unique interests in art and ignite their spark creativity. She prides herself  on developing creative minds to think differently about the creative process!