Portfolio Development

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Senior Art and Portfolio Development (12+)

*Consultations or Private sessions available for scheduling upon request

This course is crucial for students who are thinking of a future in fine art, wither it be getting into an art high school or an art university program of their choice, our art instructor has a deep knowledge of the expectations and procedures for these application and interview processes. She herself has gone through these processes. She is able to share her experience as well as, help students research and prepare for their own applications.  This program is tailored to students with a love of art who have previous artistic experience.

The highlight to scheduling a consultation are guidance in the areas below:

Guidance in…

  • Choosing the best fit for you for art programs
  • Helping you meet the portfolio requirements
  • Selecting which pieces create a strong and versatile portfolio
  • Working on art pieces to get them to a polished state
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your art practice

This course is ideal for students looking to pursue further studies in the arts and build a strong diverse portfolio.  Our Instructor will help strengthen your weak areas and build upon your strong areas when it comes to creating art for your portfolio.

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