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There is now a greater pressure for students to perform well at an earlier age, as standardized testing begins at Grade three and continues throughout elementary school and high school. Our Science Tutoring Program support students who are insecure about their academic abilities, and guides them to love learning! Students gain confidence through student-driven activities that were designed for them, and feel more encouraged to take initiative during school. Our programs will guide your student to become a confident student through expanding their knowledge and skill sets within the subject manner, and ensuring proper study skills are taught to enable life-long learning. Our program gives your child a boost in confidence, while improving their Science comprehension based on the Ontario Curriculum.

Our customized program allows students to dig deep into scientific research and explore the following areas:

  • Energy and Matter
  • Life Systems
  • Earth, Space, and Solar Systems
  • Structure and Mechanisms

Grades 1-8


Branching Out: High School Success

Branching Out is a condensed intense program divided by grade and subject. This program encourages students to focus on the core subjects where they scored below expectation and work to achieve better understanding of the content to lay a more solid foundation for the next set of learning in the upcoming year.

This program will also take those students at a more advanced level and allow them the opportunity to continue to develop their skills and continue to advance through the core subject material.High school means crunch time and we work to bridge any existing academic gaps in the core subjects while teaching effective organization and study strategies.

In order to ensure High School Success, each student has unique study needs that they need to develop skills so they can do more to achieve those pre-requisite skills and turn frustration into confidence. Some students need help with time management. Other students need help with study tips to effectively take tests. Or other students need help managing advanced coursework as they prepare for college. Regardless of the need, the needs will be addressed in a specific program tailored to each student.

Grades 9-12

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