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Public Speaking


This 10-week course, aimed at students in Grades 4-6, is designed as a follow-up to our introductory course. However, it is not necessary that students have attended the first course as we will be working through different activities. Our focus will be on both listening and speaking. Each week we will complete various activities which involve the development of those skills including reader’s theatre, poetry and speech recitation and the writing and following of specific instructions.

We will also work on vocabulary development. Conducted in an environment that promotes sharing ideas and constructive ideas for improvement, students will help develop the skills that will help them in other learning and social situations.


Using a wide variety of activities and games, students will learn:

  1. Speak with confidence and ease in several situations.
  2. Students will be taught how to write prepared speeches including research skills, correct speech format and language usage.
  3. We will pay close attention to language usage including correct grammar and word choice which will help students improve their oral language.
  4. We will use our small group setting to help students develop their confidence and build up their speaking skills.
  5. We will also work at developing students listening skills. Through the development of these skills, students will learn how to respond appropriately to a variety of academic and social situations.

During our last class parents will be invited to come and listen to our students as they present one of the pieces they will have written in class.


  • Grades: 4-6
  • Class times: 6:00-7:00pm Tuesdays
  • Class Dates:  11th April - 13th June, 10 weeks
  • Cost: $220 + HST


About the Instructor:

The course will be taught by Jane Flynn, OCT, who has over twenty-five years of elementary teaching experience in Mississauga. Jane has taught all grades from 1-8 and looks forward to working with your child.



Debate Class


Course Aims

This course aims to help students develop confidence in their public speaking skills, as well as developing the various skills necessary for conducting an effective debate.  Debate is a fantastic platform to practice and hone all sorts of necessary communication skills, because it involves, speaking, writing, reading, and listening.  Students will have to work to improve all of these essential skills and use them together to create a cohesive argument.  They will also learn valuable teamwork skills as most debates will involve working with a partner or team.


Course Description

The course will focus on helping students develop useful speaking and rhetorical techniques to use while they deliver their arguments.  It will also work on improving their research skills, in order to find relevant evidence to support their claims.  They will also work on improving their critical listening skills so that they can pick out the relevant information from their opponents’ arguments.  Overall the goal is to get the students comfortable with debating any topic in a public setting, and conveying their opinions effectively. 


This course will teach you

  • how the general debate format works
  • how to create an effective argument
  • how to research the proper evidence to support your argument
  • useful rhetorical techniques and phrases to make your position appear stronger
  • how to speak in a public setting
  • how to effectively rebut your opponents claims
  • how to sum up and conclude a debate


Grades: 7-9

Class times: 6:00-7:00pm Thursdays

Class Dates: April 27th - May 25th 5 weeks 

Cost: $195 + HST


About the Instructor:

With IB DP from high school in Burlington and English Literature degree from University of Toronto, Sunil has exceptional strong background in English language art.  He taught debate, specifically to advanced students, in both elementary and middle school. He is a certified TESOL/TESL teacher with extensive teaching experience to students of different background.


 To register or for more info please call us at 289-725-7700 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.