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It's more than just Paint!

Elements of Design and Mixed Media Class -Fundamentals

The world is filled with so many amazing opportunities for us to let our creative minds run wild, especially art, and children are the perfect people to remind us of this. “It’s more than just Paint!” is a class meant to educate students about the basics of the elements of design and allow them to try out and play with a variety of different 2D mediums. But even more than that, it’s meant to be a fun, interactive and inclusive setting where students can bring home a piece of art that they can truly be proud of.    

Don’t like drawing? No problem! This class is meant to be fun for everyone, no matter if you like science, math, English, or art! We also cater to visual, audio, and hands on learners.

Enrolling your children in our class program will:

  • Develop student’s knowledge on the 7 elements of design which include: line, shape, colour, value, texture, space, and size.
  • Inform students on how to use common mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, pastels and collage in fun and exciting new ways
  • Encourage students to feel excited about their creativity and why it’s important
  • Allow students the opportunity to work in a group setting and inspire each other

“It’s more than just Paint!” is a great place to start as a budding artist or someone who is just curious about learning more about what art has to offer. Everyone will feel talented and important in this class and is surely to learn something new. Don’t wait! Let’s get your little one’s creating something amazing!

  • Ages: 9-12
  • Classes: Saturdays Jan. 21th - May 27th
  • Time: 1:30-3:00pm 
  • Cost: $450+hst for 16 weeks



About the Instructor

Akita Cachia Costa, Art Instructor
Saturday Afternoon

Ms. Akita is a graduate of the Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan College along with Art Fundamentals and Visual and Creative Arts. She has been actively involved in her program through Student Leadership and Engagement Peer Mentor for three years, and was the president of the Illustration Grad council.

Her primary interests lie in surface, graphic and package design, as well as children's narrative illustration, all with a zany visceral flare. Not only does her passion for art show in her spectacular creations, but she is equally as passionate about ensuring each and everyone around her pursues their own creative passion! Akita prides herself not just on surviving within the art world, but thriving in it. Her passionate and spunky personality transcends into each of her lessons. Ms. Akita believes that each individual student should challenge their own creative mindset, push their creativity, and embrace their own unique flare (whatever that passion may be). This philosophy equally translates to the students she works with. She ensures that each of  her students experiments to find their own passions and develop and build on those skills from there.

Ms. Akita firmly believes that visual arts is not merely one of the many different creative hobbies people can thrive in, but can pursue as a career and lifestyle. She prides herself in fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere for her students to develop their own artistic creations! Akita looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion for the arts with the new students in the Fall!


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