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EQAO Prep Course 

For  Learner in Grade 3 

Each spring Grade 3 and 6 students across Ontario participate in the EQAO standardized test. The focus of the test is reading and mathematics and is based on the Ontario Curriculum. The test includes various types of questions including multiple choice and open ended questions in both reading and writing and multiple choice and problem solving questions in math.

The EQAO Prep. course we offer will help to prepare your child to take this important test. The aim of the course is to help prepare your child to take the EQAO test and at the same time, teach them a variety of strategies which will help them during regular learning in class.


  • a course for students presently in Grade 3 to help prepare them for the upcoming Spring EQAO test
  • 1 session per week of 1 hour
  • 13 weeks in all (mid February – mid May)
  • to include test strategies (multiple choice/open ended questions/problem solving)
  • extensive use of previous tests to help students prepare for all kinds of questions


In the area of reading and writing, we will look at various literary genres and forms of print and help students to understand the characteristics of each form. Students will work to summarize pieces of text and organize their thoughts while responding to questions about the text. We will look at a number of different forms of writing including narratives, announcements and reports. Students will work through the writing process focusing on revising, editing and proofreading pieces of their own writing.

 In the area of mathematics, we will look at major concepts in the five strands of math (Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra and Data Management and Probability) with a focus on problem solving.




Grade 3
Classes begin on Wednesday February 15th 2017, will run every Wednesday until May 17th 2017
Time: 5:15-6:15pm
Cost: $240+hst for 13 weeks


About the Instructor

Jane Flynn, EQAO teacher

The course will be taught by Jane Flynn, OCT, who has over twenty-five years of elementary teaching experience in Mississauga. Jane has taught all grades from 1-8 and has helped prepare many students to take the EQAO test. She looks forward to working with your child during this very important year in their education.