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Language development is central to students’ intellectual, social, cultural and emotional growth and must be seen as a key component of the curriculum. When students learn to use language, they do more than master the basic skills. They learn to value the power of language and to use it responsibly. They learn to express feelings and opinions and to support their opinions with sound arguments and evidence from research. They become aware of the many purposes for which language is used and the diverse for to serve particular purposes and audiences.

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is a province-wide literacy assessment which ensures that students understand core reading and writing expectations up to Grade 9. OakLearning Center recognizes the importance of ensuring that your child is prepared to tackle this assessment, and more importantly, feels confident in their own academic skills.

Literacy Prep 101: All You Need to Know And More is a program which prepares students to confidently complete their Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. Through grounded research, we have identified the key components students most often struggle with and designed a program which helps accomplish these goals.

Students will develop the following core skills including:

  • Understanding explicit and implicit meanings within texts
  • Making connections to self, text, and world through a variety of texts
  • Communicating ideas clearly and coherently through various written responses including opinion, news report, and personal essay.
  • Organizing Information in a clear and coherent manner
  • Applying key test-taking strategies to assessment activities

Our primary objective for the program is to introduce students to the fundamental concepts within the OSSLT, allow them to put them into practice and receive constructive feedback. Our goal is to ensure that students develop confidence in key writing and reading skills which will help them tackle the test with ease!

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