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Essay Writing


Writing is an essential skill that all students will require not only during school years but also in university and on.  Regardless of what subject students eventually choose to study, everything they do will involve writing in some way.  This course aims to aid students in developing necessary formal writing skills.  We will work on developing structure, transitional phrases, and effective ways of communicating arguments.  Through practice our goal is that students will have the necessary tools to construct an essay on any given topic.


The goal for Essay Writing program is for them to develop their own writing style within the required formal framework. In this course, students will learn and practice writing different kinds of essays.  Some will be totally independent while others will draw from some external source.  They will learn methods of introducing, proving, and concluding arguments.  They will also work to improve their diction and sentence structures. 


This course will teach you:

• How to conduct effective research for your essay
• Proper organizational structure for your essay and how to outline your arguments for the reader
• Stages of essay writing including pre-writing, drafting, writing, and editing.
• How to write a strong and convincing thesis statement
• Proper citation styles for academic essay writing
• How to revise your essay to ensure minimal errors before submission.


Grades 6-7

Class times: 1:30-3:00pm every Saturday

Cost: $300 +HST for 10 weeks


About the Instructor:

With IB DP from high school in Burlington and English Literature degree from University of Toronto, Sunil has exceptional strong background in English language art. Sunil is very passionate about teaching English, especially English writing to ESL population. He is a certified TESOL/TESL teacher with extensive teaching experience to students of different background.


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