Our Approach

in RobotKit


The focus of our Robotics programs is to teach key STEM skills to our students in a fun and exciting way. Students learn how to apply these STEM skills to real-life problems. Learning to apply these skills has shown to spark interest to pursue higher education or even careers in the related technical fields. Students team up with a buddy and begin to plan, build and program their robots in an interactive environment. They acquire essential programming and problem solving skills as they construct, redesign and program their robots to accomplish given missions. The benefit of learning programming, particularly to control robots, will develop the logical mindset in children, transferable to their everyday life.




Our Curriculum 

Our curriculum is based on first creating a structural approach where students learn how to properly assemble a specific robot using instructions to help them better understand the assembly process. Once the students have finished assembling their robots then they will be introduced to a series of codes that we will guide them towards programming their robot to perform a task. They will then have to determine how to alter that code in order for their robot to accomplish a given mission. 

The following lesson will build on the students’ background knowledge of what they have learned from the previous lesson to create their own robot from scratch. The students must use their imagination, problem solving and logical thinking skills to design, build and program their robot as a team, not using any instructions to accomplish a given mission.


Both our Robo Kids and Robo Kit Programs: 

Develop Logical and Problem Solving Skills

Students will use their logical and problem solving skills to determine how to properly assemble their robot to accomplish a certain task. Students also use their skills to create a code for their robot to see what it can accomplish.

Improve Creativity

With the use of different parts and accessories, students can use their imagination to create their own real life robot from scratch.

Improvements on Emotional Achievements 

Creating a robot from scratch and being able to see it work builds up children’s self-esteem.  Children get a powerful feeling of immediate achievement as they learn a logical instruction, send it to their robot and see if it does what they wanted it to, and if it didn’t? Then, they problem solve.

Develop Teamwork Skills 

Students develop skills in respecting other team member’s ideas and cooperate with one’s ability. Students brainstorm ideas together and assign each other tasks on how to create and improve their robots to accomplish missions. Through these various activities and missions children develop greater social skills.

Effectively Introduce Programming 

Our programming is simplified to help students better understand it. By using the GUI environment and flowcharts in our Rogic Program for Robo Kits and using our funny cards with our Card Reader program for Robo Kids, students use their in depth logical thinking to see what their robots can and can’t do.