Summer Debating and Public Speaking Class

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For grade 10 to 12


Course Description

 This course will focus on helping students develop useful speaking and rhetorical techniques to use while they deliver their arguments.  Students will improve their research and critical listening skills, in order to find relevant evidence to support their claims and to pick out the relevant information from their opponents’ arguments.  The goal is to get the students comfortable with debating any topic in a public setting, and conveying their opinions effectively.


Students will develop confidence in their public speaking skills, as well as developing the various skills necessary for conducting an effective debate.  They will work to improve all of these essential skills and use them together to create a cohesive argument.  They will also learn valuable teamwork skills as most debates will involve working with a partner or team.


Course Aims

  • Students will learn how the general debate format works
  • Develop effective arguments
  • Focus on helping students develop useful rhetorical techniques and phrases to make argument position appear stronger
  • Improve students research skills on finding proper evidence to support their argument
  • Improve speaking in a public setting
  • Focus on effectively rebutting their opponents claim and how to conclude a debate


Grades: 10 - 12

Class times: 5:30-7:00 pm every Thursday 

Class Dates: July 6 to August 24, 2017, total 8 weeks

Cost: $240.00 + HST


About the Instructor Mr. Sunil:  With IB DP from high school and English Literature degree from University of Toronto, Sunil has exceptional background in English language art.  He taught debate, specifically to advanced students, in both elementary and middle schools. He is a certified TESOL/TESL teacher with extensive teaching experience to students of different background.

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