Robo Kit Series

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Robo Kit is designed for children ages 9 and up. The Robo Kit Series is thoughtfully created to develop skills and knowledge in robotics. Each kit contains a CPU, DC Motors, Sensors and many more features to have students build their own robots with screws and nuts. Programming of the robot is done using the Rogic Program, which is developed in a GUI environment for easy understanding and enjoyment. The Rogic Program is available on PC, as well as Smartphone and Tablets. With so many options, students can continue their programming anywhere they go.
Students can understand complex programming within the GUI environment using the Rogic Program. Robo Kit Sereis is designed with a flowchart concept, which builds in-depth logical thinking and math skills. The Rogic Program will help to control everything from simple to complex functions. It also introduces the C-Language, which leads to more professional and technical details of the programming.